About the Course

This comprehensive course will introduce students to the set up and management of a managing agency business. Topics covered include an overview of Managing Agencies, the legal environment, business planning, finances, people management, marketing and management and growth.

Course runs: 9 Oct – 3 Dec 2023 (8 weeks)
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Who should attend

This course is designed for people of all ages, from young entrepreneurs to retired business people, existing managing agents who want to break away from employment to start their own agency, estate agents, teachers and anyone else who wants to start a business managing community schemes for their own account. You don’t have to have worked as an employee of a managing agency, although this will help. You might have gained the necessary experience as a volunteer trustee.
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What's Included?

An immersive online learning experience with everything you need to succeed:

  • Comprehensive course material covering all the law that applies to Managing Agencies

  • Extensive Q&A taken from real life examples posted on Paddocks Club

  • Live coaching sessions where you have an opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered in real time

  • Proactive and individual support via the discussion forum Monday-Friday by your Course Instructors and the Course Coordinator

  • Complimentary navigator access to Paddocks Club for the duration of the course. Paddocks Club is a subscription based platform providing a wealth of information across all aspects of HOA and Sectional Title, including thousands of relevant questions with expert legal answers. Once you’ve seen the benefit of this platform you will recognise how this can continue to assist you on your journey to starting and running a managing agency. It’s like having a legal mentor journeying by your side.

  • A Paddocks Certificate and email signature icon to help you stand out from the crowd by adding your Certification to your emails (for those who successfully pass the course assessments)

Need for the course

Employment opportunities in South Africa can be challenging to say the least. There is one area of business that continues to grow year by year, that presents a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial minded person to take advantage of. The potential rewards for having your own managing agency are very high. You can start with just one scheme and build a lean business that makes you a good income, perhaps with just a handful of accounts. Alternatively you can decide to build a large business, either incrementally or by taking over other operations. Almost all housing that is not state-subsidised comes onto the market in the form of sectional title units or homes in complexes such as home owners’ associations. The vast majority of these ‘community schemes’ are managed by professional managing agents. A Managing Agency is the business to be in!
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“Thank you for a very useful course. It gave me a very good overview of what it takes to run a managing agency and I now feel confident to take the next step!”

- J Hunter

“The course gave me direction in terms of what is required to start a business and the tools required to become a success. Great course. Excellent response times.”

- R Mathews

“The course has empowered me to understand what it takes to start a property managing agency. I will utilise the knowledge gained to make a difference in AGM's of the properties I own. ”

E Molekane

“I will tackle the property management industry with a lot more confidence after the course. This is my first online course with Paddocks. The modules were all very informative and practical and gave me some useful tips regarding the start-up and running of the managing agency. ”

- M Retief

Become an entrepreneur.

Course starts 9 October - don't miss out

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Meet Your Instructors

Jennifer Paddock

Jennifer Paddock obtained her LLB degree at UCT and did her articles at Paddocks, where she consulted, taught a number of the Paddocks’ training courses, and then took on the role of Legal Practice Manager. She then worked as a strata title managing agent, after which she re-qualified as an Australian solicitor through the University of New England in New South Wales where she graduated at the top of her class. She gained valuable transferable experience working for a specialist strata title law firm based in Sydney before returning to Cape Town and re-joining Paddocks.

Adj. Prof. Graham Paddock

Graham Paddock obtained his BA LLB degree at the University of Cape Town and has been a sectional title specialist lawyer since 1980. He is an admitted attorney, notary and conveyancer who lectured candidate conveyancers for the Law Society of South Africa and was an adjunct Professor at UCT for ten years. He taught Real Property, Sectional Title and Community Scheme law to undergraduate and postgraduate students part-time. Graham was the lead consultant to the government in researching and drafting the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and its regulations, including the prescribed management and conduct rules, the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act and the 2016 amendments to the Sectional Titles Act. He is the founder of Paddocks, a law and training firm specialising in community scheme management and the author of numerous books and training courses available at paddocks.co.za.


  • How much does it cost?

    Save R1000 with the Early Bird Discount: Cost R6 250 (payable before 31 August 2023) Standard price: R7 250 (payable from 1 Sept - 8 Oct). Please note: this course is already R1000 cheaper than previous years.

  • I would like to become the managing agent for the block of flats I currently own/live in - how do I go about that?

    In order to get appointed as the managing agent for your block of flats you will need to be duly appointed either by a trustee resolution, taken by the majority of trustees, or by an ordinary resolution of the body corporate (51% or more in value voting in favour of your appointment).

  • How do we end the agreement with our current Managing Agency?

    According to the Prescribed Management Rules (PMR) 28(7), management agreements may not last for more than 3 years and may be cancelled, without liability or penalty, by the body corporate on 2 months' notice if that is approved by special resolution at a general meeting. The trustees can decide to cancel a management agreement in accordance with its terms, or not to renew it when it expires.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes. Please contact us for further details and to set up your payment plan.

  • Can I complete the course while still working full time?

    Yes, the course is designed to be flexible around the schedule of working professionals. You have 1 week to complete each module, and each module will require approx 5 hours of work per week (ie 1 hour a day for 5 days each week).

  • What qualification will I receive?

    Students who obtain an average mark of 50% or more for all of the module assessments will receive a digital, printable Paddocks certificate in Starting and Managing a Sectional Title Managing Agency as well as an email signature icon which can be used to showcase your qualification.